Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Makeup Look of the Day: The Temptress

Actress Andie MacDowell

The Temptress is an homage to eastern beauty that was very en vogue during the 1930's with actresses like Anna Mae Wong (bottom left).  It uses a black eye pencil on the top and bottom, white frosted eyeshadow, black mascara (which I decided to skip altogether), apricot and golden-yellow powder blush, flesh toned lip pencil, and glossy red lip color (the darker the better).  The black eyeliner is 'winged' up and out by using a pointed sponge-tip shadow applicator.  The white eyeshadow along with the winged liner work together nicely to create an eastern eye shape.  The brows should also be brushed up to create a dramatic straight-across look, which can be a little difficult if you have a strong natural arch like me.  

                                                PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT

                        I used Maybelline Soft White eyeshadow, which I have to admit is a really old item (from the '80s or '90s) I never threw away and I'm glad I didn't since it really came in handy for this look.  They don't make this exact shade anymore but it shouldn't be difficult to find a basic white shadow.  I found Maybelline's Snow White shadow online, which should be perfect for the Temptress or any look in which you intend to reshape your eyes.

Maybelline eyeshadow in Snow White 

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