Friday, January 14, 2011

Makeup Look of the Day: The Exotique


Louise Rainer

The Exotique  is a celebration of quiet, understated beauty that also has an unconventional charm.  Luise Rainer, a popular actress from the 1930's who was also the first actor to ever win 2 Academy Awards, was an early example of the Exotique.  Cher is striking as a modern version and her features show off the makeup exceptionally well.  The look uses a sheer foundation, apricot cream blush (applied under translucent powder), burgundy cream eyeshadow, black mascara on curled lashes, and a natural toned lip pencil.  The final step is the application of petroleum jelly to the eyelids and mouth.



It might sound a little old-fashioned but Vaseline is actually a really useful tool when it comes to giving any look a final dramatic touch.  When applied to the eyelids over eyeshadow, the result looks wet and glossy (you can really see this on Cher).  When applied over the lips, especially over a natural toned lip pencil, the result is a   mouth that looks effortlessly glamorous.  It's also makes for a nice alternative to lip gloss when used in combination with a variety of lip pencil shades.  

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