Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Makeup Look of the Day: The Starlet

The Starlet is representative of Old Hollywood glamour icons like Jean Harlow (upper right) and is depicted by none other than Courtney Love (upper left).  It's very eyelash heavy and looks the most authentic when the brows are bleached and light brown pencil is used to draw on the signature skinny high-arched brows.  A dark brown eye pencil is also used on the upper lid in a curve, meaning the line should be thickest in the middle.  A thick coat black mascara is applied to both upper and lower lashes and a bright pink blush is swept over the cheeks.  My take on the look is a more watered-down version. I chose to keep my natural brows in tact and focus more on the lashes and red glossy lips.


Latisse ($120) is a liquid eyelash enhancer to be used nightly that can be purchased (without a Rx, despite what the ads say) at most medispas.  I've been using it for the past few weeks and so far I have noticed a slight increase in length and thickness of my lashes.  However, it takes about 2 months for the effect to peak.  Aside from Latisse, another important item that helps to achieve long lashes is an eyelash curler. Personally I like to curl my lashes after applying mascara. I find that lashes already coated in mascara tend to curl better and hold the curl longer than lashes that are curled prior to applying mascara.  However, this technique only works if no eyeshadow is being worn on the upper lid since the mascara on the lashes tends to mark the upper lid upon curling which ruins the eyeshadow and can be quite messy and difficult to fix.                                            

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