Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Makeup Look of the Day: The Chanteuse

"Chanteuse" means singer.  This look is inspired by such exceptional voices- with personalities to match- as Billie Holiday (upper right), Edith Piaf, Lena Horne, and Eartha Kitt, as well as old-fashioned bluesy nightclubs; Vanessa Williams' natural beauty (upper left) translates to a striking and seductive version of the Chanteuse.

This is very feminine but strong makeup.  The eye should be striking, yet still somehow soft.  To get this look, you will need a champagne shimmery eyeshadow (applied heaviest to the inner corner of the eye), warm brown eyeshadow (applied only to the outer upper and lower eye area), black liquid eyeliner, black mascara on curled lashes, beige eye pencil for bottom rims, flesh toned lip pencil, and an opalescent pink lip gloss (the sparklier the better!)


The black liquid liner and black mascara set against a sparkly champagne shadow gives off a nice dramatic effect.  The liquid liner is especially important and should be extended slightly beyond the outer eye corner.  Similar to a liquid liner, I used Jordana Fabuliner in black (right), which I highly recommend if you're like me and find liquid liner to be too difficult or stressful to apply.  This product makes it really easy with its pointed tip; it's not unlike a felt marker. It has the same effect as a liquid and nobody has to know it's not liquid. And not only is it easier to apply, but it also washes off much easier than a liquid liner.  I only found out about the Fabuliner recently and it's truly one of my favorite finds. Also, at $2.99 a piece it won't break the bank.

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