Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Makeup Look of the Day: Softness

Tina Turner
Softness, as the name suggests, is a look that has a certain ease to it.  The colors are well-blended to avoid any harshness and no eyeliner or lip liner are used.  The eyes only use a burgundy-brown shadow and black mascara while the lips are only coated with a swipe of clear red gloss.  I didn't have a burgundy-brown shadow so I created it by first applying Mary Kay Hazelnut powder over the entire lid and then applied a shimmery pinkish cream shadow on top of that, and finished it off with another layer of Hazelnut shadow in an attempt to keep the color more on the brown side.  Another important part of the look is apricot toned blush that is generously applied over the cheeks, temples, and chin.  Tina Turner's complexion offers the perfect canvas for apricot blush.


Avon Morph Tones ($19.99) is what I used to add burgundy to the eyes. When mixed with brown, the pinkish color (on the left) becomes burgundy.  This cream eye shadow duo has come in handy for a lot of looks I've already done and they blend surprisingly well with powder shadows.  I like the two shades this one offers because they are natural and earthy while also shimmery for added glamour.

Avon Morph Tones shadow in "Jillian's Pick"

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