Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Makeup Look of the Day: Glamorous

Shinya Mori (1997)

This look is all about that proverbial Hollywood glamour that transcends decades.  
I also couldn't help but be reminded of those robotic models from the Robert Palmer "Addicted to Love" video from 1986 (see below), although they went a bit heavier on the eyeshadow (after all, it was the '80s).

You might think the red lips and smoky eyes are the focal points of this look, and they are...However, the most important part of achieving Glamourous is making sure the skin is as clean and clear as you can possibly get it.  If the skin doesn't look perfect as porcelain, your red lips and strong eyes won't pop. It all needs to work together.
L'Bel Paris Perfect Face Retexturizing Gel

final result
Product Spotlight

As I mentioned, perfect skin is crucial for this look. Makeup should always be applied to a squeaky clean face. I always make sure to wash my face right before applying makeup since it tends to "sit" better on clean skin.  Today I used an exfoliating cleanser just to give it that extra scrubbed down healthy glow.  Then I applied L'Bel Paris Perfect Face retexturizing gel (see above right) all over the face.  This product, also known as a primer, works wonders to set your foundation.  For some looks, a primer is not entirely necessary but don't even think about attempting Glamourous without one! 

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